Marian Medical Services provides an all encompassing full service turnkey nuclear cardiology program directly within your private practice office.  The implementation process for the Nuclear Cardiology Turnkey program is very simple and requires minimal effort on the part of the physician. 

Marian Medical Services will provide:

  • All of the up-front capital
  • All equipment including gamma camera, stress system and hot lab
  • The Nuclear Regulatory Commission license, and all other regulatory licenses and approvals
  • A fully trained and licensed nuclear medicine technologist and medical assistant
  • Related pharmaceuticals and isotopes
  • Management supervision
  • Professional interpretations with a 24 hour report turnaround


We can implement an entirely functional full-service turnkey nuclear cardiology program in your office within 90 days of contractual commitment.

Physician Testimonials

"I have been participating in the nuclear program offered by Marian Medical Services for the last year.  I joined the program to offer my patients high quality myocardial perfusion scanning in conjunction with stress testing.  This quality service is superior to the existing services offered, where there were far too many false positives and negatives.  This service has a positive impact on my practice and the quality of care my patients experience.  I highly recommend these services.”Customer Signature


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